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Partner Logo - AMD Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is one of the largest producers of microprocessors, graphics chips, and multithreaded. Thanks to the takeover of ATI now has the whole platform CPU-GPU-chipset.
Partner Logo - Brocade Brocade is the leading manufacturer and supplier of SAN and LAN solutions for data centers. Combines proven expertise, innovation and the development of new technologies with open standards, together with the strategic partnership with leading global IT companies. This extensive partner ecosystem enables best-in-class enterprise solutions.
Partner Logo - Bull Bull provides services in the areas of deployment, transition, or optimize the information infrastructure for customers from a wide range of areas, both from the public and private.
Partner Logo - CA CA Technologies is a company belonging to the largest independent software company, helping organizations to provide a flexible IT services.
Partner Logo - Cisco Cisco Systems is a leading world company in the field of data transmission, voice and image, and in the field of LAN and WAN networks. Almost all Internet traffic is routed to the products of Cisco Systems. The product portfolio includes Cisco routers, switches, LAN, ATM backbone switches, access servers, software for managing networks and many other products necessary for the operation of the LAN and WAN network solution.
Partner Logo - DELL Dell is a leading manufacturer and supplier of first-rate IT systems. The picture belongs to the portfolio from the workstations and notebooks to the supply of servers.
Partner Logo - HP Hewlett Packard is one of the largest companies in its field in the world, operating in almost all countries. Specialises in the development and manufacture of computing, storage and network hardware, software and other services. It is known primarily for its printers, personal computers, scanners, handheld PCs and servers.
Partner Logo - IBM International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a leading world company in the field of information technology. The main activities of the company is currently in production and sale of computer software and hardware, and dozens of services.
Partner Logo - Intel Intel Corporation is the largest manufacturer of semiconductor circuits and other devices.
Partner Logo - Microsoft Microsoft is a world leader in the field of software, services and Internet technologies for personal and commercial use. The company offers a wide range of products and services to help users through its software-any time, anywhere and on any device.
Partner Logo - Nvidia NVIDIA has consistently sets new standards for the Visual calculations with interactive graphics, which is available from the device, and portable media players tablets for laptops and workstations. Company NVIDIA has expertise in the field of programmable GPU and led in a breakthrough in the parallel processing, which is cheap and widely available for modern supercomputers.
Partner Logo - Oracle Oracle is one of the largest company supplying software and hardware solutions not only for the IT organization. At the same time is the most widely used middleware supplier.
Partner Logo - Red Hat Red Hat, Inc. is a software company developing the Linux distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux and open source middleware JBoss.
Partner Logo - RIM Research In Motion (RIM) is the product of BlackBerry, is used for content management in the corporate sphere of millions of users around the world.
Partner Logo - SGI Silicon Graphics is one of the largest firms specialising in performance compute clusters and supercomputers. On the servers of this manufacturer are running such projects such as NASA, Škoda auto, and nothing less than Facebook. Inter alia, the SGI graphical workstation and adds powerful Nvidia Tesla.
Partner Logo - Trend Micro Trend Micro is a global leader in network antivirus and internet content security software and services with focus on outbreak prevention and enabling customers to manage the impact of network worms and virus threats.
Partner Logo - Veeam Veeam Software, a leading Alliance partner of VMware, develops innovative products for managing the virtual infrastructure and data protection can reduce customers cost and minimize the risks of virtualization platforms.
Partner Logo - VMware VMware, the global leader in virtualization and infrastructure clusters, offers proven solutions that dramatically simplify IT, and allows you to provide more flexible and agilnějších services. VMware accelerates the transition of computational clusters and at the same time allows the maintenance of the existing investment in IT and the provision of more effective and agilnějších services.